Mark and Lisa support the DPIE endowment because they know funding is limited for the schools and we need to have secure resources to fund and execute against strategic multiyear projects for the school.

I give to the Delano Partners in Education Endowment because I like the idea of donating funds broadly to the district where they can be leveraged based on where the greatest needs are across all buildings and programs and can be used for long term, multi-year projects.   Delano does a great job of annual fundraising for specific projects that are needed for each of the schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as the Community Education program.  What we are missing, however, is a basis of financial support for multi-year school projects.  Delano has a comprehensive strategic plan in place for its schools and it would be great to have a structure for the preservation and accumulation of capital to ensure all the tactics for that plan can be executed.  Endowments also provide a structure for planned giving gifts such as CRTs, gift annuities, trusts, and other tax planning charitable strategies.  To have both the site based fundraisers and a district wide endowment working side-by-side in support of our schools affords a comprehensive program that can cater to  broad spectrum of contributors.

We should ensure the endowment funds critical needs for the school, such as technology, which is a big part of the strategic plan that has a gap with regard to funding. Annual fundraisers help fill the gap by allowing buildings to purchase items on an ad hoc basis, but the need is long term infrastructure.  Keeping technology current is difficult to do with annual fundraisers alone.  Additionally, as the endowment grows, I’d like to fund programs that we aren’t able to have in Delano due to inadequate funding from the state. These could include programs like additional foreign languages, and enhanced drama and music programs.

Great Schools, Great Communities to me means that a school is only as great as its community and vice versa. I think this is especially true here in Delano where we take so much pride in our schools. Teachers and administrators consistently praise the kids and the parents for their success – likewise parents and other community members recognize the teachers and administrators for making Delano schools great. It’s a very supportive environment of which I’m proud to be a part.

Lisa Seguin


Kylee and Aaron gift to the DPIE endowment because they are investing in future generations of Delano community leaders

We give to Delano Partners in Education endowment because as members of the Delano community, we believe funding our local schools is an important part of building a strong community and ensuring future generations of leaders have the opportunities and learning curriculum to ensure they will need to learn, grow and be competitive in tomorrow’s workforce. As parents of a 2 year old, it is important for us to begin investing in the system that will be the building blocks of his lifelong learning journey.  We want to ensure he has a fantastic learning environment that allows him to thrive.

We think it is important to build an endowment for the Delano School System because our schools require ongoing support in order to provide top notch learning and experiences for our students.  School budgets are tight and often have to be scrutinized and prioritized across a number of important programs and aspects of education.  This type of funding ensures more needs are met and also allows us to achieve education that exceeds status quo.  We want a system that doesn’t provide good education, we want our schools and students to have opportunity to be great!

“Great Schools, mean Great Communities” to us means we are educating and nourishing tomorrow’s leaders.  If children grow up in thriving communities and have positive school experiences they are more likely to return to these communities to raise their families, market the community and all it has to offer to those they encounter, and even support these communities financially as they become working adults.  Kids and teens are also more apt to get involved in their community early in their life when encouraged by parents, classmates, teachers and educational programs.


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Garry and Sarah have been giving to DPIE for 15 years and have seen firsthand a positive impact from our gifts in the school and community.

We give to Delano Partners in Education endowment because education is the foundation of society.  To quote Aristotle, “…the fate of society depends on the education of our youth”.  We started giving to DPIE 15 years ago, targeting our gifts in areas that focused on our children’s immediate educational needs, for example, the elementary library and smart boards for the elementary school.   We also know that school districts need flexible funding to support critical needs, both short term and long term.  Our district hires great school administrators that effectively and efficiently manage funding to support both current and future student needs.  Our trust in the school district’s management quickly grew and we shifted our focus to build the endowment.  We use the word trust because our school is rated in the top 6 schools in Minnesota, but is in the bottom quartile for spending.  We are also fortunate to work for a company that matches gifts to arts and education.  We have prioritized our giving to the DPIE Endowment as it doubles the impact on our community.

Our children won’t be in the school district when our financial gifts are fully realized.  However, we will continue to give to the DPIE endowment even after our youngest son will graduate from Delano next year.   We know it is the right thing to do for our community – Great Schools mean Great Communities.


We are very proud of our accomplishments.  We are committed to a stretch goal of $10 Million to support the district’s future needs and strategic plan.