Delano Partners in Education has three funding strategies

–Long Term Funding Strategy

  • Minnesota Philanthropy Endowment
  • We do not take these funds out. We are allocated 4% each year to either invest in our school needs or reinvest to build the endowment. The larger amount you have in this fund, the more you can fund the school needs.
  • Growth is expected to be at X %, we are reinvesting the 4% each year until we have reached our goal of $1MM.

–Mid Term Strategy

  • Edward Jones Account
  • This account is an advisory solutions account that is actively managed by a team of local and regional financial advisors. This accounts also allows us to contribute, but also use (take out) the funds if needed
  • This account also allows us to accept stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Goal for growth is 4 to 8 %

–Short term funding strategy

  • State Bank of Delano
  • The account allows us to accept monetary gifts such as checks, credit cards, automatic bank withdrawals, and much more
  • Accessibility and flexibility for deposit and approved payments and withdrawal
  • Goal for growth is minimal