Delano Partners in Education Foundation is committed to making donating easy, if there is a donation option that you do not see, please feel free to contact:
Company Match Program:  Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match contributions made to educational programs such as Delano Partners in Education by their employees. To find out if your or your spouse’s company has a matching gift program, please check with your employer’s Human Resources Department. They may require you to complete a gifting form that we will verify the receipt of your gift. Once complete, you will have doubled your contribution.

Gift Designation:   If you would like your gift to be designated to a specific school, need or the endowment please state where you would like your gift to be designated to ensure your personal wishes are met. All undesignated gifts will be used to build the endowment and the future of Delano Schools.

Tax Benefit:  Delano Partners in Education is a 501c3 charity and gifts can be considered tax deductible.  Please confirm with your accountant that your gift is tax deductible.

We are very proud of our accomplishments.  We are committed to a stretch goal of $10 Million to support the district’s future needs and strategic plan.